What’s holding you back?

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What’s holding you back? Do you ever feel like you want to change things but don’t know how?  You don’t know what you want to change.  Maybe you don’t know where to start.  Perhaps you don’t know where you want to be, and when.  So you don’t change anything, and year after year you’re stuck in the same rut, making the same decisions, doing the same things, feeling the same way.  You don’t know what is stopping you from achieving what you truly desire.  What blocks and belief systems are you putting up that are getting in the way of you achieving the life that you deserve? What could you do differently to create the transformational change that you are looking for?  First you need to have a picture of what you would like to change, and how that will look and feel for you when you do change it.  This will create and open up your path to get to where you want to be.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, on a never-ending merry-go-round or it’s constantly Groundhog Day.  You feel like you don’t make a difference, you’re insignificant or overlooked.  Just another link in the chain.  Life is not fun, it’s just the same thing day after day, week in, week out.  Do you even remember the last time you had fun?  Enjoyed yourself?  Were spontaneous and free?  Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Is this what’s holding you back? Wouldn’t you like to rediscover your own unique “why” and apply it to all areas of your life – family, relationships, your career, your beliefs, finances?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring fun back into your life and align it with your purpose?

Tell me this – do you love yourself?  I mean really, truly love yourself.  Did you ever?  Do you even know how?  I don’t mean that self-involved, look at me, bravado exterior – I mean real self-love.  If you don’t know how to love yourself, then how can you possibly really, truly love anyone else?  Even if you are able to give love to another person – your husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, parents, siblings, friends – are you really giving this without compromising yourself?  How can your relationship with anyone else be more important than the relationship that you have with yourself?  Why are you not worth giving to yourself what you are happy to give to others?  If you are not willing to treat yourself well, then what you are doing is showing others how it is acceptable to treat you the same way.  Is not loving yourself what’s holding you back? Imagine the unconditional love that you have given to your child, or your pet.  You love them regardless of what they do, the mistakes they make, or what they look like.  How would it be if you could give this to yourself?  Could your life be different?  Would you feel differently about yourself?

Are you kind to yourself?  Do you call yourself things like stupid, or idiot, or useless when you make a mistake or forget something?  Maybe you allow other people to talk like this to you or about you?  Here’s a little life hack for you – nobody is perfect!  The definition of perfect is: as good as it is possible to be.  Life is not perfect.  People are not perfect.  Everyone’s ideal of perfection is different.  Trying to achieve perfection sounds pretty exhausting to me!  Not to mention boring – even if you did achieve whatever perfection to you is, how are you going to grow and evolve and learn things from there?  Now, going back to nobody is perfect – does not being whatever perfect is to you make it ok for you to treat yourself badly?  Does it make it ok for other people to treat you badly?  Is your lack of kindness towards yourself what’s holding you back? Simple things like changing the way that you talk to and about yourself, and little random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return, can both have an enormous impact on your health and wellbeing.  How could you change how kind you are to yourself?  What impact would this have on your life?

Do you often just swallow down what you really wanted to say?  As a result, how often has that ended well for you?  How often have you told someone to….well you know!  Did that end well for you?  What if you could express your feelings in a way that was beneficial for you?  Do you think of what you would like to say hours after the event?  Perhaps you know exactly what you want to say at the time, but you choose to keep the peace?  How different would things be for you if you were able to express how you feel in a constructive way that allowed you to feel heard without hurting anyone else?  Could a lack of self-expression be what’s holding you back?  Here’s a really good reason to learn this particular skill – not being able to express yourself in a constructive way can actually lead to physical illness.  I recently treated someone who had a severe stabbing pain in their back without a physical reason for it, and we looked at it from a physical level and this had no relief from the pain, and then started discussing emotional relationships to that area of her body, and all the emotions came out and the pain went away.  Just like that.  Confidence without bravado.  Assertiveness without aggression.  The ability to express your authentic self.  How would this change your life and your wellbeing?

Gratitude is such a popular topic these days, and with good reason.  Do you notice the negative in everything?  Is it hard to find the good in a day?  Do you find that once one thing doesn’t go your way, it ruins the rest of your day.  Even on the worst of days, it is possible to find something to be grateful for.  The practice of gratitude is scientifically proven to have positive effects on your health, including your emotional state and your immune system.  I recently had the opportunity to hear Mick Miller talk, and it is a great story for another time, but the important part here is when he was lying in his hospital bed, very sick from cancer and chemotherapy, and the nurse told him that he needed to find ways to be grateful for what he had if he wanted to get better.  When he finally took on board her advice, his immune system recovered and he began to get well again.  Is a lack of gratitude in your life what’s holding you back?  Who knew that a shift in attitude could have such significant health benefits? Negative Nancy or Happy Chappy – the choice is yours.  Your ‘tude affects your mood!

Do you find yourself dwelling on things that happened yesterday?  Last week? The previous month?  Last year?  10 years ago?  Longer?  Do you lose sleep over things that have already happened, or on things that haven’t happened yet?  Maybe you stress over things that didn’t go to plan?  Does other people not behaving the way you expected drive you crazy?  Sometimes despite out best laid plans, life just throws you that curve ball.  It’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel when you can’t change an outcome no matter how much you want to.   You can’t change to past, you can’t control the future, and you surely can’t control the behaviour of other people.  Ever tried to stop a 2 year old throwing a tantrum over the toy they want?  Doesn’t work too often, does it?  The only thing that you can control is your behaviour.  In the end, it’s how you feel about a situation that is the key.  Is hanging on to things and not moving on what’s holding you back? What if you could come to terms with a situation, no matter what it is, make peace with it, and move on?  How would this change your life and how you feel about things?

My friend Samantha and I have created a passion project (don’t you just LOVE this term?) together called I’m With Her.  We are passionate about creating and nurturing a peaceful, happy and resilient generation of women.  Creating transformational change is what we are all about.  Most of all, we want to empower you to take control of your life and create the life that you truly desire.

Our newest program is called Your Signature Life.

Your Signature Life puts you on the fast track to building a life that rocks your mind, body and soul. We will provide the support and guidance you need – helping you to identify what’s holding you back and break through the barriers that are holding you back from living the life that you so badly want, need and crave.  The life that you deserve!

Your Signature Life is launching really soon, and more information will be coming out each week.  Here are great ways to make sure that you are the first to hear more about this exciting new program:

Here are links to Samantha’s pages and blog too 🙂

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