Are You Living The Life That You Imagined?

Chances are, no you’re not.  Not entirely, or maybe at all.  Nobody ever says or thinks when they’re a kid “You know, I’m going to grow up and cook and clean and iron and wash and work and build a career and study and run around after kids and socialise and learn a hobby and…”.  My kids have wanted to be a vet, a policeman, a cricketer, a dancer, a dance teacher, famous and a butterfly, just to name a few.  Not once have they ever said they wanted to work to exhaustion and feel unfulfilled.  They’ve never said that wishing things were different, feeling stuck and feeling unfulfilled was an aspiration for them.

The thing is, living in this society is hard.  We have had to historically fight for our freedoms and rights, and now that we have them in a reasonable capacity, it’s still not exactly what we want.  Women in our society can work, and study, and vote, and have incredible careers, and children, and nice houses and so many things.  What we have lost in this is our tribe.  Historically men hunted and women gathered.  They lived in villages and the women helped each other out, and talked, and supported, and raised their kids together.  Sure, there were drawbacks, but there are drawbacks to what we have now – one of them being our tribe.  We’re so busy trying to be this picture perfect ideal of what the modern woman is, that as a society, we have lost what really matters to us, which is how we feel.

How is it that with all of the opportunities that we have today that so many women are left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, disempowered and unfulfilled?  Where’s your tribe?  Where’s your support?  Probably working as hard as you, and struggling just as much as you!  Too busy to have those moments of real connection and peace, of being fulfilled.

This is why we created I’m With Her, and the Your Signature Life series.  Our aim is to create and nurture a peaceful, happy and resilient generation of women.  We want you to find your authentic self, your value, your self worth and honour the woman inside of you. Your Signature Life will challenge you to make transformational changes in your life, so you will feel empowered and fulfilled.  I’m With HER will give you your tribe, your group of like-minded women to give you support and guidance and connection. Your Signature Life is the toolkit for you create your own happiness and freedom, and recognise your own special and unique self.  You will be empowered by a renewed sense of your own identity as you nurture your mind and body.

In turn, your gift will be to pay it forward, to rise by lifting those up around you, to lead by example.  To recreate that tribe around you.  You owe it to yourself, and to the women around you, and to the girls that will become women.  There’s a power in you to effect change in many generations of women, starting with this one now.

Drop the struggle.  You are special and unique with your own offering to this planet – own it and step into your authentic self.  Feel empowered and fulfilled.  Find your voice.  Live the life you love.  Maybe it’s not what you imagined, but let’s be honest, being a butterfly probably isn’t an achievable life goal!  Your life can be better that what you ever imagined.

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