KinesiAlice Guide To Surviving The Silly Season Like A Zen Master

How To Survive The Silly Season Like a Zen Master




1. Breathing

This is a great exercise when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths. Are you breathing right down into your belly? No?
Do this: Put your hands on your tummy and draw in another deep breath. Concentrate on drawing that breath down to your hands (and let it go).
Did your tummy rise and fall that time? If it did – great! If not, that’s ok too.
Try this: When you are lying down, put your hands on your belly, and repeat the exercise. This can be much easier to master while lying down, and it is often more visual as well.
You only need 3 or 4 of these breaths to make a difference. You don’t need to do this a lot, you may feel light headed if you do too many – and stop if you do!
Still not working? Not to worry – your diaphragm (the muscle that needs to move to breathe like this) may need releasing. Book here for me to help you with that.

2. Meditation

5 or 10 minutes a day – that’s all!
Things for you to know with meditation: The thoughts will still come. The distractions will still come. Acknowledge them, put them aside for later, and come back to your breathing.
Try these apps:
· Smiling Mind
· Relax Melodies
· Insight Timer
If you would like me to teach you how to meditate – book for a consultation and I will teach you within your session. I will be running classes again in 2018 – stay tuned for updates.

3. Eat well

Toxic food = toxic thoughts.
Here’s some tips to get you through:
· Eat the rainbow when you have control over your food
· Drink a glass of water to a glass of alcohol (you’ll thank me the next day)
· Drink a lot of water, chances are you’re not drinking enough
· Choose balance in what you do and eat. If you have the capability to make healthy choices, do it. If not, enjoy yourself, and then get back to it at the next meal. 80/20 will help balance the overindulgence
Finding you don’t have time to prepare a good meal plan? I can help you take the stress out of that.
For $239, you can get a nutritionally balanced meal designed especially for you. This 5 week meal plan is personally created for you by a nutritionist I have partnered with.  It will take into account your needs and likes and give you a full daily meal plan.
You don’t have to think about what to cook – you only need need to do the cooking! Prepare in advance, and freeze where you can. This will help you manage the stressful times, and the excess times too.
Click here to purchase this stress-busting meal plan and Megan will be in touch.

4. Sleep well

Good sleep hygiene is every bit as important as the amount of sleep you need to function well. Less sleep leads to more stress hormone production, more coffee, and lower mood. Here’s a few tips
· No phones or iPads an hour before you want to go to sleep.
· Meditation, relaxation, progressive muscle
· Chamomile tea, sleepy tea, dreamtime tea – herbal tea is great to promote sleep.
· Have you thought about reducing your coffee intake? Especially in the afternoon! Caffeine can really interfere with sleep.
· Consider your alcohol intake. This affects sleep quality too. Your liver is busy processing the alcohol instead of allowing you to sleep well.
Still not sleeping well? Book a consultation with me to get to the bottom of this.

5. Is this serving me?

If you really do need to go to an event, reframe the way you look at it – I CHOOSE to go instead of I HAVE to go. Changing your perspective will change the way your body reacts.
If you don’t really need to go, then the question is – Is this serving me? If it isn’t in your best interests, then don’t say yes. It’s OK to say no. It’s OK to say I’ll get back to you later.
Set some rules now about downtime, block that time in your calendar, and say no to anything that falls in that time. You can see people at other times. Why not arrange another time when everyone has more time to enjoy each other’s company?
Still struggling with putting other people’s needs ahead of yours – at your expense? Book in with me to help you with this.
Try one or two, or even all these tips during the silly season. You’ll
find you come out the other side a much more relaxed and happy little Vegemite!
Remember – you are responsible for the choices you make. Nobody knows you as well as you do – listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you.
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