Chakra Spray Full Set 50mL

$189.00 inc GST

The Chakra Spray Full Set 50mL is the perfect addition to your personal growth journey or your clinic space, in a convenient travel size! One for every day of the week in your purse or bag.


  • I am grounded, safe and secure
  • I am a creative being
  • I am confident in my personal power
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I express my truth with loving intent
  • I see with and connect to my inner wisdom
  • I am connected with Divine wisdom

If these are the affirmations aligned with where you want to take yourself or your clients, these are the chakra sprays for you! When combined with the crystal kingdom, energetic fields, plant kingdom, and the healing energy of sound, these affirmations are embodied in every aspect of your being – conscious and unconscious.

Buy yourself a set today and carry your chakra healing with you everywhere you go.



These personally developed, handmade chakra sprays are sold in a full set for all your chakra balancing needs – the Chakra Spray Full Set 50mL! The travel size version! Each chakra spray has its own magic lovingly selected to align with the energy of their chakra.  Each unqiue blend has been personally tested by me in my clinic for effectiveness at all levels of mind, body and spirit

These chakra sprays are crafted with the following healing energies:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Energy healing
  • Sound healing
  • Affirmations
  • Essential oils
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences

Divinely crafted and tested for each chakra in a unique blend you won’t see anywhere else – these blends have been channelled through my energy to bring them to you

How Do You Use The Chakra Spray Full Set 50mL?

However you choose!  You can spray your room to clear the energy, spray your aura, use them to balance and harmonise your chakras, or use them in your clinic

Who Should Buy This Full Set?

People who enjoy value for money, in a travel size, and want to balance and harmonise all their chakras! This set is perfect for kinesiologists, energy healers, reiki practitioners and anyone who works extensively with chakra energy.  At just $189 for the 7 sprays in 50mL bottles, this economical set saves you $21.

This is a great size set for those who move around a lot, have space considerations or want a travel size for their purse or bag.  You can work with a different chakra every day of the week!

What Else Should I Know?

Long lasting and low tox: After doing my own extensive research, I use a paraben-free preservative with a known safe toxicology profile,  and a PEG-free natural solubiliser (to blend the essential oils), at the lowest effective concentrations shown not to affect the finished product.  This means your sprays will work well and last longer than sprays that do not contain these ingredients

Disclaimer: This set is not designed for internal use, has not been tested for colour fastness or effects on clothes and furniture, and due to the essential oils and preservative cannot be guaranteed to be allergy free.  Please do your own testing before use.


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