May Chang Essential Oil | 100% Pure | 10mL

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May Chang essential oil, or LItsea Cubeba, is a lovely little bottle of happy that supports success and despair.  To me, it smells like good old-fashioned lemonade!  I’ve had a few people say it smells like lemons, lemon myrtle and even fruit tingles!

I love this oil as it’s such a simple oil and great for big emotions, and kids love it, so I use it in clinic all the time for their big emotions.

Read on below for more details about how May Chang can support you from a TCM, energetic, psychological and physical perspective.  You can also find out about essential oil safety and how to use this oil.


May Chang (Litsea)

Botanical name: Litsea cubeba



Plant species:

May Chang is a small fragrant tropical tree that grows in eastern Asia. The fruit resembles the cubeb pepper, hence the botanical name.  In Taiwan and some parts of eastern Asia, it is known as Mountain Pepper.  It can also be found in parts of North-eastern India.

Method of extraction: Steam distillation from the fruits of the tree.



Great for high fever and pain, as it clears heat and reduces pain

Digestive stimulant

Relief of muscular tension and pain, and acute arthritic and rheumatic pain, inflammation and tendinitis


Alleviates stress and anxiety

Promotes alertness and optimism

Known as emotional detoxifier

Expansive and clarifying

Great for lack of focus, attention, poor short-term memory, metal fog, confusion

Helps with negative thinking, pessimism and depression

Promotes opportunity for emotional transformation


TCM Benefits

Helps to balance the Wood element by regulating Qi, clearing heat and balancing the Shen. It disperses Liver Qi.  If Liver Qi is constrained and Shen is agitated, we may feel irritable, anxious and over-talkative and suffer from insomnia.


It also supports Stomach and Spleen Qi stagnation, which can present as indigestion, flatulence, bloating, nausea and loss of appetite.

Energetic Benefits

Helps to promote vision, optimism and insight where there is pessimism, negative thinking and loss of vision

Clinical studies support effectiveness as an antimicrobial and antiseptic oil

Traditional uses:

TAM practitioners use May Chang to treat dysmenorrhea that alleviates with heat or pressure, stomach aches, lower back pain, chills, headaches, muscular aches from external conditions. Fruits are reported to alleviate chronic asthma, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

How to use

Bath – not recommended as it may cause skin irritation and sensitisation

Topical – compress, massage, ointment

Inhalation – direct inhalation, diffuser, vaporiser


Non-toxic and non-irritating

Possibly sensitising in some individuals

Caution for people with hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin, and for children under 2.

Dilute to 0.8% for topical use

Do not ingest essential oils unless under the direct supervision of a qualified aromatherapist or medical herbalist – even if an oil is sold to you as food grade.

Do not apply undiluted oils to the skin


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