Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Organic | 100% Pure | 10mL

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Blue mallee eucalyptus essential oil is fabulous for all the things we know eucalyptus oil is good for!  Use it for steam inhalations, cleaning, in the shower to unblock your nose.  Its clean crisp smell is a little softer than standard eucalyptus, while being every bit as good as eucalyptus oil that you know and love.  It’s also great emotionally for letting go of the past.


Blue Mallee Eucalyptus

Botanical name: Eucalyptus Polybractea

Origin: Australia

Plant species: This species of eucalyptus is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 8m tall and is common to the semi-arid areas of NSW and Bendigo in Victoria.  Eucalytpus Polybractea flowers from March to June, and sometimes it may flower again in September.

It’s a great sustainable tree to harvest, as it coppices easily, meaning the stumps or roots grow shoots for new growth easily.  Some areas have been harvested for over 70 years without deterioration.

Method of extraction: Steam distillation



Insect bites

Muscular aches and pains

Rhematic pain from cold


Improving respiratory function






Restores vitality

Positive outlook

Disperse negative feelings

For people who feel emotionally “hemmed in”

Helps with situations of confusion, ambiguity or negativity

Revitalises psyche

TCM Benefits

Great in clearing lung-phlegm and wind-heat – so it is good for onset of flu or fever, sore throat, colds, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis

Tonic for lung qi – so it helps to enhance breathing, and the uptake of oxygen by red blood cells

Strengthens yang, tonifies lung and heart qi, strengthens the Shen.  Eucalyptus oil helps yang qi with shen weakness, so it helps with mental fogginess, fatigue, poor focus, confusion and forgetfulness.

Eucalyptus oil is associated with the Metal Element, so it helps with the physical aspects of the lungs, as well as helping when we feel that something just isn’t right, or we are hanging on to unexpressed emotions or things that no longer serve us.  Improving our breathing will help us to let go.

Energetic Benefits

Cleansing a place that has had conflict or where negative energy is felt.  Eucalyptus oil is great for renewal and seeking out new horizons.  It can help with stress and overwhelm, by helping us to take a deep breath and see things from a fresh perspective.  This can help us to respond in a positive way and not overreact.

Clinical studies support effectiveness as an analgesic, antifungal, antimicrobial, antitussive, decongestant and expectorant oil

Traditional uses:

Aboriginal people often used eucalyptus leaves for a type of steam bath

It has been popularly used worldwide for helping respiratory disorders as well as cold and influenza or flu.

Folk medicine used eucalyptus oil for inhalation for croup and diphtheria.  It helped to reduce the swelling of mucous membranes and loosen mucous.

How to use

Bath - Full body bath (except face), Foot bath

Topical - Compress, massage, ointment, skin care

Inhalation – direct, steam, diffuser, vaporiser


GRAS – generally recognised as safe

Do not apply to the face, especially for infants and young children

Do not ingest essential oils unless under the direct supervision of a qualified aromatherapist or medical herbalist – even if an oil is sold to you as food grade.

Do not apply undiluted oils to the skin


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