Rose Quartz Crystal

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Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love.  It is a happy, gentle, uplifting stone that is very beneficial for the heart chakra.

Read below for information on energetic, emotional, TCM and health uses for rose quartz, as well as crystal care and how to use.


Rose Quartz

The beautiful soft pink rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love

Colour: Pink.  Usually translucent, and sometimes transparent

Rarity: Easily found

Naturally found: United States, Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, South Africa

Chakra: Heart chakra – Anahata

TCM Uses:

  • Use in the winter months of the water element can support and boost your energy, and provide loving, warm support.

Energetic support

  • Draws off negative energy
  • Attracts loving vibes
  • Strengthens empathy and sensitivity
  • Promotes acceptance of change that is needed
  • Enhances positive affirmations
  • Promotes receptivity to all kinds of beauty, inner and outer
  • The most important crystal for the heart chakra – rose quartz is like a big warm hug

Emotional support

  • Release unexpressed emotions and heartache
  • Transmute emotions that no longer serve you
  • Soothe internal pain and heal feelings of deprivation
  • Open your heart
  • Comfort you in times of grief
  • Teach you about self-love
  • Encourage self-forgiveness and acceptance, self-trust and self-worth

Relationship support

  • Drawing love and relationships towards you
  • Restoring trust and harmony
  • Encouraging unconditional love

Healing support

How crystal lovers belive rose quartz supports your health

  • Strengthens the heart and circulatory system
  • Supports chest and lung problems
  • Heals kidneys and adrenals
  • Alleviates vertigo
  • Said to increase fertility
  • Helpful for Alzheimers, Parkinsons and dementia
  • Smooths the complexion

How to use

  • Place in the relationship corner of your home, or beside your bed to support relationships
  • Wear in your bra, or in a crystal carrier near your heart
  • As part of your normal crystal use and rituals

How to look after your crystal

Crystals love to be charged and cleansed under the full moon, or even a few days leading up to and following the full moon

Rinse in salty water for cleansing if required

Crystals love friends, so keep your crystal with other crystals for them to support and energise each other

If your crystal breaks, you can consider returning it to the earth

If you lose your crystal, don’t be sad, it has done for you what it was here to do, and has moved on.  Be thankful for the healing energy it has brought you during its time with you.


Source: The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall


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