Carnelian Crystal

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Carnelian is great for grounding you in the present reality, stimulating vitality and creativity, and banishing resentment from your life.

Read below for information on energetic, emotional, TCM and health uses for carnelian, as well as crystal care and how to use.



The warming and stimulating reds and oranges of carnelian stoke the fires of vitality and creativity

Colour: Red to orange, can be pink and brown

Rarity: Common

Naturally found: UK, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Romania, Iceland

Chakra: Sacral – Savdhisthana, Base – Muladhara

TCM Uses:

  • Supports the kidney qi to support hormone function

Energetic support

  • Grounds you in the present reality
  • Used in ancient times to help people pass into the afterlife
  • Cleansing for other crystals

Emotional support

  • Acceptance of the cycle of life, works with removing fear of death.
  • Supports courage
  • Helps you make positive life choices and trust yourself
  • Overcomes negative habits and thought patterns
  • Calms anger and banishes resentment

Healing support

How crystal lovers believe carnelian supports your health

  • Restores vitality and energy
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Healing for lower back issues
  • Accelerates healing in bones and ligaments
  • Vitamin and mineral absorption

How to use carnelian

  • Use as a pendant of belt buckle
  • Put a piece near your front door for protection and inviting abundance in
  • Wear in your bra, or in a crystal carrier near your throat
  • Place under your pillow at night time
  • As part of your normal crystal use and rituals

How to look after your crystal

Crystals love to be charged and cleansed under the full moon, or even a few days leading up to and following the full moon

Rinse in salty water for cleansing if required

Crystals love friends, so keep your crystal with other crystals for them to support and energise each other

If your crystal breaks, you can consider returning it to the earth

If you lose your crystal, don’t be sad, it has done for you what it was here to do, and has moved on.  Be thankful for the healing energy it has brought you during its time with you.

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Source: The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall


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