Solar Plexus Chakra Blend

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Solar Plexus Chakra Blend

Seat of personal power, confidence and how we view ourselves. Focuses the mind, helps dispel fear and anxiety, stabilises mood swings

Crystal: Tiger Eye

Essential Oils: Peppermint, Rosemary, Frankincense

Carrier Oil Blend: Coconut, camellia and jojoba oils with rosemary extract

Individually selected and blended by KinesiAlice

How do you know this blend is for you?

Read about the solar plexus chakra in balance and imbalance, the crystal’s properties, and the essential oil properties

Solar Plexus Chakra

In balance:  You feel passion about life, and you have drive to learn and explore more.  You tackle life with confidence, and see yourself on an even level with others.

In disharmony:  You feel dispassionate towards everything and everyone.  Self-doubt sets in and erodes your confidence, leaving you with little drive.  This leads to stagnation and will end up affecting your digestion.

Tiger Eye

A grounding stone that creates a high vibrational state and balances the lower chakras.

It is protective, brings out integrity and brings commitment to those who struggle with it. This stone is useful for being able to recognise your own needs as well as others’, and it facilitates manifestation of your will.

It heals self-worth, self-criticism, and allows you to make changes that are of most benefit to you.

Essential Oils


For quieting the mind, grounding and reconnecting with the body.  Helps with receiving and integrating energy.  It promotes an upward and downward flow of energy.  Excellent for balancing the Earth element, it helps with overthinking and worry, and improving insecurity.  Aids in anxiety.


activates Qi and strengthens Shen, and benefits the Earth element and solar plexus by supporting health self-esteem, integrity and ethics.  Stimulates Qi making you feel more energetic. Connects you with your passion and purpose.


Helps to tonify Qi and strengthen Shen. It is a great tonic for fatigue, stimulating our Yang energy and promotes the circulation of Qi and Blood. Great for promoting self-confidence.

How to use

All oils can be used topically.  Suggested areas are feet, ankles, backs of knees, on your spine in a downward direction only (flow of qi), neck, wrists and chest. It is not necessary to apply to all areas daily – mix it up and go with your intuition as to where you need it.  Carry it with you and smell it.  Remember – less is more! Aromatherapy and energetic medicine does not benefit you if used excessively.

It is especially beneficial to use this oil over your stomach, between your navel and ribs.  The solar plexus also benefits from tackling tasks with drive and passion, as well as campfires to light the energy within.  Even candlelight is beneficial.

This blend has been created and diluted in accordance with aromatherapy guidelines. For topical use only – do not take essential oils internally.


Frankincense nil.

Peppermint is occasionally sensitising.  Do not use on face of infants and small children.  Avoid in cases of cardiac fibrillation or G6PD deficiency.

Rosemary oil – do not use if pregnant or if you have epilepsy.


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