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Lava Bracelet

Stunning lava stone and chakra gemstone stretch oil diffuser bracelet.  Wear it just as it is as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Add one or two drops of your favourite essential oil to the lava beads on the bracelet for amazing smell and healing benefits.  A natural perfume with healing properties that you can wear all day long.

Top 5 Essential Oil Benefits:

  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • ease pain
  • boost energy levels
  • calming effects
  • improving health and immunity

Diffuser Bracelet – Your Personal Portable Oil Diffuser

Lava stone, created from volcanic rock, is perfect for aromatherapy due to the stone being porous and able to absorb essential oils.  Use only a drop or two to the lava beads to benefit from the healing benefits of your chosen oil.  Your body heat is the perfect temperature to warm the oil to release its powers without damaging the structure and benefits of the oil.

KinesiAlice has personally infused each diffuser bracelet with Reiki healing energy, so that your bracelet will give you the benefits of aromatherapy and Reiki in one beautiful piece of jewellery.

Zen master

A Healing Gift – Reduce Stress

Give the gift of stress reduction and healing energy.  Your diffuser bracelet is beautifully presented in its own gift bag, making it the ideal gift for you or someone else.


This chakra bracelet has beads representing the colours of the 7 main chakras.  Here’s what they mean:

  • Pale blue – crown chakra – connection to Father Heaven or the universe, understanding, enlightenment
  • Purple – third eye chakra – your mind, intuition, psychic senses
  • Blue – throat chakra – communication and creativity
  • Green – heart chakra – all about love, hope, compassion
  • Yellow/Orange – solar plexus chakra – seat of personal power, energy, vitality
  • Red – sacral chakra – relationships, sexuality, intimacy
  • Brown – base/root chakra – grounding, connection to Mother Earth, survival

Diffuser Bracelet Care

Each oil diffuser bracelet is handcrafted on an elastic cord and is sized to fit most adult wrists.  Take care not to overstretch the elastic to avoid breakage.

Essential oils should only be applied to the lava beads, and not to the chakra beads or accent beads, as this may cause damage or discolouration to these beads.

Applying too much essential oil may damage and weaken the elastic over time – a drop or two is all you need.  Less is more!

Add a drop or two to the lava beads, allow it to sit on the beads and soak in.  Some beads could be thinly coated in wax and the oils may not soak in- gently rub the beads to remove the coating.

The scent of some essential oils will last longer than others.  Like perfume, essential oils have base, middle and top notes with differnt lasting powers.  You can make blends with all notes to achieve lasting power before applying.  Visit www.kinesialice.com.au/oils regularly for updates on essential oils and workshops to come in 2018.

Essential oil

Essential Oil Safety

Less is more!  The great thing about essential oils is they are super concentrated and you only need a tiny amount to benefit from the healing properties of the oil.  Excessive use can result in skin sensitivity, even after a long time.

Do not put the beads or any oils in your mouth, or allow children or pets to suck or chew on the beads.  Essential oils can be toxic when ingested – it is advised by aromatherapists in Australia to never ingest an essential oil without the consultation of a properly qualified aromatherapist.

Some oils are photosensitive on the skin, such as lemon oil.  It is not advised to go into the sun with photosensitive oils.

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before applying to the skin.  Sensitivities can build up over time without correct dilution. You can use this dilution method to apply the oils to your bracelet to spread the scent across all the lava beads if you wish.




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