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Sacral Crystal Chakra Blend

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Sacral Crystal Chakra Blend

Relationships, sexuality and creativity.  Connection of the physical and energetic bodies

Crystal: Red Jasper

Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Jasmine

Carrier Oil Blend: Coconut, camellia and jojoba oils with rosemary extract

Individually selected and blended by KinesiAlice

How do you know this blend is for you?

Read about the sacral chakra in balance and imbalance, the crystal’s properties, and the essential oil properties

Sacral Chakra

In balance:  You feel receptive and sensitive to the flow of life.  You also feel receptive to your own needs and those of others, and creativity and sensitivity comes easily to you.

In disharmony:  You feel over or under sensitive and have issues with relationships of all types.  You feel blocked creativity, and struggle to see other pathways to your goals.

Red Jasper

The supreme nurturer, it supports during times of stress and balances the mineral content of the body.

It aligns the chakras, balances yin and yang, and brings together the physical and energetic bodies. It grounds energy and stimulates the base chakra, and supports sexual energy, circulation and the digestive system.

A gentle stone, it takes its time to work without overstimulating the body.

Essential Oils


Helps reconnect you to your body and your sensuality, calms the Shen, grounds you, connects you with your spirit, and connects your mind and body, and awakens creativity.


Harmonises the Shen, and assists with feeling grounded and resolving fear and emotional challenges.

Ylang Ylang

Regulates Qi and harmonises the Shen.  It strengthens the sacral chakra by promoting sexuality and creativity, and grows and deepens relationships.

How to use

All oils can be used topically.  Suggested areas are feet, ankles, backs of knees, on your spine in a downward direction only (flow of qi), neck, wrists and chest. It is not necessary to apply to all areas daily – mix it up and go with your intuition as to where you need it.  Carry it with you and smell it.  Remember – less is more! Aromatherapy and energetic medicine does not benefit you if used excessively.

It is especially beneficial to use this oil below your belly button and over our kidneys, and also watch the sun rise and fall each day.  Become aware of the full moon and new moon, and eat seasonally.

This blend has been created and diluted in accordance with aromatherapy guidelines. For topical use only – do not take essential oils internally.


Jasmine nil, Patchouli nil.

Ylang ylang – excessive use may cause nausea and headaches.  Possible skin sensitiser, caution is recommended with hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin, and with children under 2.


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