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Protect Me Crystal Oil Blend

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Protect Me Crystal Oil Blend

Cleansing and purifying

Protects, stabilises, grounds and harmonises spiritual energy

Crystal: Fluorite

Essential Oils: Orange, Jasmine, Patchouli

Carrier Oil Blend: Coconut, camellia and jojoba oils with rosemary extract

Individually selected and blended by KinesiAlice

How do you know this blend is for you?

Do you feel you need some cleansing or detoxing?  Are you feeling a bit ungrounded or unstable, or spending too much time in your head?  Do you need some support with this?  Does it stir something in you?  Then this is the blend for you!


Flourite is a highly protective stone, and cleanses and stabilises your aura.

It is very helpful in drawing out stress of all kinds, and cleanses, purifies and realigns the body.  It is the best crystal to overcome disorganisation of any kind.

It is connected to progress, and brings structure to your daily life.  It dissolves fixed behaviour patterns to facilitate progress, and is an excellent learning tool.

It is the stone of balance, physically and emotionally, and grounds spiritual energy. Green fluorite is especially good  at clearing emotional trauma.

Essential Oils


Helps reconnect you to your body and your sensuality, calms the Shen, grounds you, connects your with spirit, and connects your mind and body, and awakens creativity.


Helps to circulate stagnant Qi. Nourishes the soul.  Bursting with vitality, it brings happiness and helps invigorate you and lighten up


Harmonises the Shen, and assists with feeling grounded and resolving fear and emotional challenges.

How to use

All oils can be used topically.  Suggested areas are feet, ankles, backs of knees, on your spine in a downward direction only (flow of qi), neck, wrists and chest. It is not necessary to apply to all areas daily – mix it up and go with your intuition as to where you need it.  Carry it with you and smell it.  Remember – less is more! Aromatherapy and energetic medicine does not benefit you if used excessively.

It is especially beneficial to use this oil on the back of your neck, and the soles of your feet.  True self-protection comes with good boundaries and grounding.  Get your feet on the grass every day for grounding, and imagine yourself surrounded by an invisible protective force.   You can amplify the effects of this Crystal Oil blend with an affirmation as you use the oil, such as “I am safe” or “I am protected”.

Breathe deeply as you make this affirmation and inhale the aroma so that you connect the purpose of the blend with the aroma that you smell.  Then every time you smell this aroma, you will automatically remember how deeply you are loved, by yourself and by those that love you.

This blend has been created and diluted in accordance with aromatherapy guidelines. For topical use only – do not take essential oils internally.


Patchouli nil.

Orange nil.

Jasmine nil



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