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Base Crystal Chakra Blend

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Base Crystal Chakra Blend

Grounding and belonging.  Sense of safety and balance with patience and well-roundedness.

Crystal: Black Obsidian

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Jasmine and Orange

Carrier Oil Blend: Coconut, camellia and jojoba oils with rosemary extract

Individually selected and blended by KinesiAlice

How do you know this blend is for you?

Read about the base chakra in balance and imbalance, the crystal’s properties, and the essential oil properties

Base Chakra

In balance:  You feel grounded, calm and connected to the earth and those around us.  You are balanced, physically and emotionally, and your body functions well.

In disharmony:  You feel off balance, potentially dizzy, and disconnected from the earth and others.  You feel full of restless energy, on edge, and lack commitment.


Absorbs negative energy, protects and promotes grounding

Obsidian is Molten lava that has cooled so fast it had no time to crystallise.  It is a stone without limitation or boundaries, and can work very quickly with great power.  It is very protective and forms a shield against negative energy.

Black obsidian is very grounding, connecting us to Mother Earth through the base chakra.  It has the ability to draw together scattered energy and promote the release of emotions, allowing for self-control.

Essential Oils


For quieting the mind, grounding and reconnecting with the body.  Helps with receiving and integrating energy.  It promotes an upward and downward flow of energy.


Harmonises the Shen, and assists with feeling grounded and resolving fear and emotional challenges.


Helps to circulate stagnant Qi. Nourishes the souls.  Bursting with vitality, it brings happiness and helps invigorate you and lighten up.

How to use

All oils can be used topically.  Suggested areas are feet, ankles, backs of knees, on your spine in a downward direction only (flow of qi), neck, wrists and chest. It is not necessary to apply to all areas daily – mix it up and go with your intuition as to where you need it.  Carry it with you and smell it.  Remember – less is more! Aromatherapy and energetic medicine does not benefit you if used excessively.

It is especially beneficial to use this oil on the soles of your feet for grounding, and also to walk barefoot on the grass or sand daily to ground you.  Get back in touch with nature with a walk in the fresh air – a park or a bushwalk is ideal.

This blend has been created and diluted in accordance with aromatherapy guidelines. For topical use only – do not take essential oils internally.


Nil for all essential oils.


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