Not another blog about self-care!

Actually – no!  I could have, but I decided to draw on the wisdom of ancient traditions that we already have.  A gorgeous friend introduced me to the concept of Hygge, and I saw the parallels between this and Yang Sheng, so I decided to explore them together.  And guess what?  They are traditions that embody self-care which have been around for thousands of years!

Read on to explore the ancient wisdom and simplicity of self care……


Welcome, dear readers, to a journey of warmth, balance, and self-discovery. In a world that moves at an ever-increasing pace, finding moments of comfort and peace has become essential for our well-being. Today, we embark on an adventure into the realms of Hygge and Yang Sheng – two ancient philosophies that teach us to embrace life’s simple joys and cultivate harmony within ourselves. So, sit back, relax, and let us explore these caring and friendly practices that can inspire us to lead fulfilling lives.

Hygge: The Art of Cosy Living

Picture yourself on a crisp autumn evening, wrapped in a soft blanket, with a hot cup of cocoa in hand, surrounded by the gentle flickering of candlelight. This is the essence of Hygge – a Danish concept that celebrates the cosiness and comfort in life’s little moments. It’s about savouring the present, cherishing our connections with loved ones, and creating a harmonious environment that promotes joy and relaxation.

Incorporate Hygge self-care into your life:

  • Create a cosy space: Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, add soft textures, warm lighting, and items that bring you joy, like scented candles or plush cushions.
  • Nourishing rituals: Embrace the joy of simple activities like cooking a hearty meal, enjoying a book, or taking leisurely walks in nature.
  • Cherish relationships: Make time to connect with friends and family, share laughter, and create beautiful memories together.


Yang Sheng: Nurturing Vital Energy

Yang Sheng, a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is all about nurturing our life force and promoting balance in body, mind, and spirit. It emphasises the interconnectedness of our internal and external environments and encourages practices that support longevity and well-being.

Incorporate Yang Sheng self-care into your life:

  • Mindful nourishment: Savour a diverse array of whole foods, emphasising seasonal fruits and vegetables to nourish your body with essential nutrients.
  • Movement and stillness: Engage in gentle exercises like tai chi or yoga to promote energy flow, and balance it with moments of meditation to find inner calm.
  • Harmonising with nature: Spend time outdoors, appreciating the beauty of the natural world, and allowing it to replenish your soul.


The Harmony of Hygge and Yang Sheng

As we embrace both Hygge and Yang Sheng, we unlock the secret to a harmonious existence – a life where we find joy in the little things while nurturing our overall well-being.

Discovering balance:

The combination of Hygge’s cosy comfort and Yang Sheng’s emphasis on vitality empowers us to find balance in all aspects of life. By fostering a warm, inviting environment and taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional health, we build resilience and learn to weather life’s storms with grace.

Embracing simplicity:

In a world often filled with material excess and constant demands, Hygge and Yang Sheng remind us to appreciate simplicity. By decluttering both our physical space and our minds, we create room for what truly matters – the moments of connection and the beauty of the present.

Finding inspiration:

Let the practice of Hygge and Yang Sheng inspire you to be kind to yourself and those around you. Through these ancient philosophies, we learn to slow down, listen to our bodies, and embrace the journey of self-discovery with a compassionate heart.

As we conclude our journey into the realms of Hygge and Yang Sheng, may you carry these caring and friendly self-care philosophies with you in your everyday life. Remember, amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern world, you have the power to create moments of warmth, joy, and serenity. Embrace the art of cosy living and the wisdom of nurturing your vital energy, and watch as your life transforms into a tapestry of inspiration and contentment.

How can kinesiology help with self-care?

Sometimes, despite all the best intentions, there can just be something in the way of you prioritising self-care, or being able to implement the suggested hygge or yang sheng tips.  You forget, things go wrong, the same pattern repeats.  There’s some sort of block.

Kinesiology with KinesiAlice helps you identify and shift the blocks, the patterns, the things that get in the way of your self-care priorities

Some of the areas leading to these blocks where kinesiology can help are:

  • Unresolved trauma
  • Emotional stress
  • Hormone imbalance and your endocrine system
  • Gut health
  • Heavy metal excess
  • Vitamin and mineral imbalances
  • Absorption impairment
  • Intolerances and sensitivities

The best thing with kinesiology  is that I am asking your body what it needs.  I don’t guess or base it on the standard things that most people have.  It’s precise for your body because your body tells me what it needs.  It knows, even if your conscious mind doesn’t!

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Looking for a few additional supports for your self-care routine?

Check out my essential oils, my aromatherapy bracelets to wear the essential oil, and also my aromatherapy inhaler!  Essential oils are fabulous in so many ways, and are an important part of the ritual of self-care!



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