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An Alternative Way Of Thinking

An Alternative Way of Thinking   As a complementary and alternative medicine therapist, I am asked a lot of questions about the role of complementary medicine and the different types of natural therapies available to people. Unfortunately, I, like many...

Feel Good February

Feel Good February This month, KinesiAlice has partnered with Feel Good February to spend the entire month focusing on random acts of kindness with a feel good focus.  Read on to see how you can get some of those feel good vibes.  KinesiAlice explains what...

How To Survive The Silly Season Like a Zen Master

  How To Survive The Silly Season Like a Zen Master   5 STRESS BUSTING TIPS YOU CAN USE RIGHT NOW   1. Breathing This is a great exercise when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths. Are you breathing right down into your belly? No?   Do...

What Is Kinesiology Therapy?

What is Kinesiology Therapy? So Alice, what is kinesiology therapy? This is the number one question that people ask me…..after this one – Can you help me? My answer to this one – I sure can!   Kinesiology is a lesser-known therapy than some, and it seems so...

I AM – Jul-I Am Empowerment Series

I AM - Jul-I Am – Positive Affirmation and Empowerment Series How I came across the inspiration to run Jul-I AM I attended a Women’s Circle – and we did a meditation focusing on I Am empowerment statements.  This was a really powerful meditation with a very strong...


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