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What Is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology? This is the number one question that people ask me…..after this one – Can you help me? My answer to this one – I sure can!   Kinesiology is a lesser-known therapy than some, and it seems so mysterious! I remember when I first started seeing a...

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I AM – Jul-I Am Empowerment Series

I AM - Jul-I Am – Positive Affirmation and Empowerment Series How I came across the inspiration to run Jul-I AM I attended a Women’s Circle – and we did a meditation focusing on I Am empowerment statements.  This was a really powerful meditation with a very strong...

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Food Additives and Chemicals

Food additives and chemicals If you have never been to a talk on food additives by Sue Dengate, I highly recommend that you do!  Sue is the author of Fed Up, and the Failsafe Cookbook, and promotes independent science-based information about food intolerance. I first...

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